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by Mihai Chintoanu

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mi-100827-008 900x600 mi-100827-008 900x600
mi-100827-011 900x600 mi-100827-011 900x600
mi-100827-012 900x600 mi-100827-012 900x600
mi-100829-013 900x600 mi-100829-013 900x600
mi-100829-017 900x600 mi-100829-017 900x600
mi-100829-049 900x600 mi-100829-049 900x600
mi-100829-051 900x600 mi-100829-051 900x600
mi-100829-052 900x600 mi-100829-052 900x600
mi-100830-009 900x600 mi-100830-009 900x600
mi-100830-010 900x600 mi-100830-010 900x600
mi-100830-013 900x600 mi-100830-013 900x600
mi-100830-015 900x600 mi-100830-015 900x600
mi-100830-017 900x600 mi-100830-017 900x600
mi-100830-037 900x600 mi-100830-037 900x600
mi-100830-038 900x600 mi-100830-038 900x600
mi-100830-050 900x600 mi-100830-050 900x600
mi-100830-051 900x600 mi-100830-051 900x600
mi-100830-055 900x600 mi-100830-055 900x600
mi-100830-060 900x600 mi-100830-060 900x600
mi-100830-062 900x600 mi-100830-062 900x600
mi-100830-064 900x600 mi-100830-064 900x600
mi-100830-071 900x600 mi-100830-071 900x600
mi-100830-079 900x600 mi-100830-079 900x600
mi-100830-084 900x600 mi-100830-084 900x600
mi-100830-085 900x600 mi-100830-085 900x600
mi-100830-096 900x600 mi-100830-096 900x600
mi-100830-098 900x600 mi-100830-098 900x600
mi-100831-005 900x600 mi-100831-005 900x600
mi-100831-009 900x600 mi-100831-009 900x600
mi-100831-012 900x600 mi-100831-012 900x600
mi-100831-020 900x600 mi-100831-020 900x600
mi-100831-022 900x600 mi-100831-022 900x600
mi-100831-027 900x600 mi-100831-027 900x600
mi-100831-030 900x600 mi-100831-030 900x600
mi-100831-036 900x600 mi-100831-036 900x600
mi-100831-041 900x600 mi-100831-041 900x600
mi-100831-046 900x600 mi-100831-046 900x600
mi-100831-048 900x600 mi-100831-048 900x600
mi-100831-050 900x600 mi-100831-050 900x600
mi-100831-052 900x600 mi-100831-052 900x600
mi-100831-053 900x600 mi-100831-053 900x600
mi-100901-026 900x600 mi-100901-026 900x600

Showing 1-42 of 42

Some of the shots I took between 27 August and 1 September with my new digital camera during my vacation on the beautiful island of Crete.
mihai dot chintoanu at exfidefortis dot net
Mihai Chintoanu
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